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  • CineGold - Vivarelli Film Looks for Davinci Wide Gamut
SKU: 364215376135191

CineGold - Vivarelli Film Looks for Davinci Wide Gamut


It contains 8 LUTs designed for Davinci Wide Gamut. In order to give more flexibility, it comes with a PowerGrade, in which you can set the intensity of the color- and contrast-component indivudually. If you want to, you can even reduce the tone-curve character of the looks. The PowerGrades come with a simple node-structure for fast Color Grading, but you can of course customize it and use your own node-structure / workflow.


All looks contain a tone curve for warmer midtones/highlights and cooler shadows, but they don't look like most "teal & orange" looks. On a neutral balanced image most of the looks lean more towards the warm side, but you can counteract this with a cooler grade in front of the LUT if you like and in most cases it still looks great. The looks are forgiving on bad skin tones and most of them give skin a golden brownish touch. At the top end they use a very smooth highlight roll off, which also looks good on overexposed parts of the image and middle grey gets preserved (in terms of luminance).


In order to get the full benefit of the PowerGrades you should use a node based color managment instead of a project based (the necessary nodes are already in the PowerGrades).


The User Guide also has information about how you can create and export your camera LUTs.

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