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About Philip Vivarelli
Cinematographer. Editor. Colorist. Filmmaker.

I'm a freelance D.O.P., Editor and Colorist based in Switzerland. On some projects, I only take part in one of the three, and on others, I get booked for them all.

In addition to having skills in these key positions, I also work as a producer by aiding in pre-production, creating concept ideas, and helping build a strong and reliable team. 

In other words: I see myself as a passionate filmmaker :)

Let's take a look back

My filmmaking roots began 2003 when I started making snowboard videos of me and my friends. Later I experimented with time-lapse photography and travel footage. I always had to bring my camera, while I was traveling or on vacation. While I was inspired by other movies and videos I always liked to try out new things for myself.

The craft grew more serious, after having learned more skills as an intern in 2015. I worked as a DOP, camera operator, camera assistant and editor at a film agency/production company where I gained a lot of experience on projects with well-known companies

Since spring 2020 I work full-time as an independent freelancer for the company I founded Vivarelli Films.

It would be a pleasure to connect and talk about your next project!



D.O.P / Cinematographer

Camera Operator

Assistant Camera



Full Productions




Narrative Films



Corporate Films

Social Media Content

Wedding Films

and more

Check out this site if you are looking for a wedding package (videography & photography) or if you are looking for a photographer.


The cinematic look – custom made anamorphic lenses

The image needs to represent the story. But in most cases, the image needs to look pleasing or beautiful. This is why I startet to build my first custom 2x-squeeze anamorphic setup back in 2017/2018 to differentiate my look from others. Of course you can always rent real anamorphic lenses. But the good ones are still way too expensive, even for rental. In the beginning it was a pain: I had to focus two lenses at the same time, but "Hülse" was shot this way.  Now I own two setups that work with a single focus element and the look is similar to those very expensive lenses. And there is a range of different focal lenghts I can choose from.

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