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Equipment List

Check out my ready-to-shooot equipment below. If something is missing, it's always possible to rent.

Panasonic S1H (Netflix approved Camera)

Panasonic GH5
Panasonic GH5s

DJI Osmo Action 1 + 4

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 (with ND-Filter-Set)
DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone (with ND-Filter-Set)

additional cameras used on jobs:

Arri Alexa Mini

Blackmagic Pocket Cameras

RED Epic Dragon 6k

Sony FS7 ii

Sony FX3

Canon 1DC

Custom anamorphic lens setup (2x squeeze Kowa & Sankor)

15 vintage lenses (Canon FD, Contax Zeiss, Helios, Voigtländer, Pentax, Nikon)

11 modern lenses (Sigma, Panasonic, Leica, Laowa, 7Artisans)

spherical lenses range from 12mm full-frame or 7.5mm mft to 400mm mft

Circular Diopter Set  (95mm diameter strenght: 0,5/1/2, more strengts witch smaller diameter )

Mattebox with variable ND (2-5/6-9) & mist filter (PolarPro Basecamp)

Nisi-Swift-Filter System (ND & mist)

circular "Glimmerglass Bronze" filter

Div. Equipment

Monitor with recording media (2x Ninja V)

Easy-rig Vario 5

Steadycam Trinity-Style (Thanos Pro X, still learning it)

Gimbal for 6,5 kg (Zhyiun Crane 3s)

Handheld- / shoulder-rig
DJI Focus Pro (All-in-One Combo)

Wirelessl lens control system with handles (Tilta Nucleus-M)

Motorized slider 120cm (GVM)

Tripod (Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head & 635 Fast Single Carbon Leg)

Underwatercage for GH5

Motion-control timelapse device (Genie Syrp)

Edelkrone Wing (for small slider-movements)

Self-balancing Segway Ninebot vehicle (for quick tracking- or follow-shots)


Rode Videomic Pro with deadcat

Rode Stereo Videomic Pro with deadcat

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

2x Rode Wireless Go

1x Rode lavalier black

1x Tascam lavalier white


RockNRoller R10RT (Max)


Colorgrading Panel (Davinci Mini Panel)

calibrated monitor BenQ PV270

calibrated Panasonic OLED TV

Colorimeter (Portrait Displays C7 HDR)

Davinci Resolve Speed Editor

Windows - Workstation

Lighting & Modifiers

Aputure 300d ii

Softbox Aputure Lightdome ii

Softbox Aputure Lightdome 150

Aputure "2x Fresnel", Barndoors

2x small RGB Lights (Aputure MC)

Accent B7c 8-Light Kit

Frames, Flags & Materials:

2x 40x40" black floppy with frame (Matthews)

2x 10 x 10' black molton (3x3 m)

3.6 x 6.6' Frame with strong and light diffusion & black/white

24x36" Flag (or silver /gold reflector /white / black)

4x4' styrofoam bounceboard (DIY)


2x heavy C-stands

1x normal C-stand

2x medium light stands

2x small lightweight light stands

1x Backdrop-System (4x4,6m)

2x sandbag


3x practical (bedside lamp), white or warm colored curtains & sheers

Diffusion roll (Opal)  & div. color gels

Cinefoil (blackwrap), clamps, Magic Arms, Gaffer tape,

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